“dreaming (梦中)” out 5/12


Imagine you're at a party. Where in the room are you?

For indie pop duo corner club, things have come a long way since they first nodded at each other across the room at a college party. After moving to New York City, Sav & Mike turned their post-work jam sessions into self-produced songs, finding a global audience from their bedrooms.

With over 3 million streams across platforms to date, they even landed on Spotify's Thailand Viral 50 with their second single, "Manhattanhenge." Following that success, the pair released their first EP, little love lullabies, at the beginning of 2021 and saw the EP’s lead single, too good, featured on Spotify’s Dope AF playlist. Their latest single "ok time" was featured on Spotify's Fresh Finds and Fresh Finds: Indie playlists.

corner club’s newest release, “dreaming (梦中),” represents an earnest view into the emotions following Sav’s grandma’s death amidst of Covid travel restrictions. The title and opening lines,“You visited me last night // forty years younger,” reference a dream shared over the family group chat, as loved ones who left China years ago were forced to process and grieve from the opposite side of the world. Stripped down to layers of vocals and acoustic guitar, “dreaming (梦中)” hints at the diasporic experience of grasping onto multi-generational family bonds while thousands of miles away from a previous homeland.


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